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Tigerstyle Industries Ltd; a fresh IT and Communications company with decades of enterprise IT experience and a passion for providing sensible and cost-effective solutions to real-world business problems.

We're focused on bringing robust, secure, enterprise-grade solutions to SMB customers in the Oxfordshire and Berkshire regions.

Whether you need to reduce long-term costs, update ageing systems, improve employee and customer satisfaction and retention, or you're just starting up and need some help making solid choices, let us come and speak with you to gather your requirements and present some options.


We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers, so please get in touch if you'd like some friendly
no-nonsense advice, and great products and services.

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Our mission is to deliver smart, cost-effective technologies that will help you to meet your business objectives. 

High-quality end-user devices:
PCs, Industrial PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, Smartphones, Tablets, and associated Peripherals.

Google Workspace:

Fully managed Email, Identity, Productivity ("Office") suite, Cloud Storage, 
Communication and Collaboration tools with a low fixed monthly cost!

Cyber Security

Protect your data

Operating System Migration:

Windows XP/7/8.1 to Windows 11 migration consultancy.

Device and App Management:

Ensure the security of your data and consistency of user experience on all devices.

Application Virtualisation:

Run Windows applications on a Chromebook or almost any other platform.

Legacy Application Containerisation:
Run legacy applications on modern operating systems, securely!

Communication and Collaboration:

Cloud-based omnichannel solutions catering to everything from small teams to large multi-site offices and contact centres.

Digital Signage:

Large-format displays for colleague or customer information or interaction.

Two-Way Radio:

Robust licence-free RF or PoC (LTE) business radio solutions for your workforce.

Anything Else?

Don't be afraid to ask! 
We know a lot of really talented people and companies that we'd be more than happy to introduce you to or work with to deliver awesome end-to-end solutions.


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